Winter Wonders

Sunset in the wood in winter periodWinter does not like me. I do not like Winter. Despite being born in winter, it’s not my season. Dry chapped lips, dull skin and temperamental hair…No. Thanks.

Winter is probably when I neglect myself the most. Hiding away under thick knits and heavy duty thermals, my beauty routine takes a bit of a break due to lack of skin on show.   I skip the moisturiser and my toe nails are chipped. Everything is hidden so why bother, right?

Wrong. And as I get older, I realise this. My skin does not appreciate me skipping a rub down with lotions and potions.

Here are a few products I’ve used to help banish away winter nasty’s…


THE BODY SHOP Rose Body Butter

It’s a classic, The Body Shop Body Butter. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t tried this stuff, whatever the scent.  I was a huge fan of the body shop in my early teen’s. The Body Shop was the place all birthday presents came from. White Musk and Dewberry mist, I mean, it was an essential, no? Their body butters were a classic though . There’s something about this product that just takes you back for more, and the Rose one is my new fave.


CHANEL Le Blanc De Chanel

I mentioned to my man that I needed a primer for my face, (not that I thought he was listening or bothered), but he came home with Chanel’s Le Blanc De Chanel that night! I know what he did, he went straight to my favourite makeup counter and asked a sales person for a primer because lets face it, if you know my man, (and many other partners out there I’m sure), he knows nothing about primers. But I’m glad he doesn’t, otherwise I may not have got this one! I wasn’t sure at first because it wasn’t what I had in mind, but its just delicious! It’s such a good base coat before applying foundation, especially as my skin is always dryer in winter and needs a little extra help. It’s silky smooth and doesn’t feel sticky and it really does illuminate your complexion. Do give it a go and  I would advise applying it with your fingers as it works into the skin much better that a brush.

l__039_occitane_almond_shower_oil_250ml_1469023404_main L’OCCITANE Shower Oil 

I’ve never tried a sample of a product and felt the need to go out that very same day and buy a full size version, until I tried this. I received my Christmas My Little Box and this gem was amongst the goodies. This shower oil glides over the skin and turns into a lather when mixed with water. My skin is so sensitive and dry, but after I used this it made my skin feel hydrated and nourished. I didn’t even feel like I had to moisturise after I dried off. That is why I just had to go out and stock up! L’Occitane products don’t disappoint.

3614270141584_30_touche-eclat-blur-primer_Alt1.png   YSL Toućhe ÉCLAT Blur Primer  

Another primer, but the kind I had in mind when I originally mentioned the primer situation to my man. This light infused transparent gel primer does exactly what it says on the bottle. It literally ‘blurs‘ out pores and fine lines, (and I have a few)! It makes your skin feel so incredibly soft and it creates the perfect canvas to apply makeup.  I use this mainly around my eye area, nose and fore head, where the pesky pores and fine lines live! The best bit though? Its got tiny gold flakes that add a little sparkle to your complexion. Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle?! Exactly.


CRABTREE & EVELYN Ultra Moisturising Hand Therapy 

Ive got a thing for hand creams. You kind of have to when you’ve got hands like mine. House work has royally buggered up my hands. Dry and chapped from the chemicals used in household cleaning products, (doesn’t help that I very rarely used gloves), my hands are awful. This little miracle in a tube helps massively though. It absorbs into my skin and leaves them feeling so soft and not at all greasy. Nothing worse than a greasy hand cream! Again with the Rose theme, the smell is divine.

Go try a few, you won’t be disappointed!


Summer Beauty Treats

summer-beach-chairs-facebook-timeline-coverNot that it’s been much of a summer, I’ve still tried to make the most of it and that includes discovering new beauty treats. 

One fun way that helped me discover some of my new favourites, was subscribing to My Little Box. Every month you get a little box delivered to your door full of beauty treats as well as fun accessories and a tasty treat. I must admit, I’ve tried a few of these monthly boxes but this one is by far my favourite.

Here are a few of my top summer goodies that I’ve tried over the last three months…

creme2 KADALYS Hydramuse Comfort Cream 

So this was one of the little gems I found in my August Little Box. My skin is really sensitive and dry so I really have to watch what I put on my face. I was a little apprehensive about using this but I applied it after my morning skin care routine instead of the usual cream I use and I was pleasantly surprised. Although it is thick, it felt soft on my skin, with a light fragrance.


LANOLIPS 101 Ointment

I literally can’t believe I’ve never wrote about this magic balm!! I haven’t used another lip treatment since I discovered this. I think I read about it first in Glamour Magazine, so I thought I’d give it a go. It leaves my lips so soft as they are prone to dryness (probably because I don’t drink enough water), but it’s also fabulous to use on cuticles and dry skin. The absolute best thing about this though, is that I once put some on my son’s eczema (just above his eye) and it actually cleared it up!! Amazing stuff.



PERCY & REED Wonder Overnight Recovery

Yes please. This is the stuff of actual wonders. It’s not greasy so you won’t ruin your Egyptian cotton pillow cases and it really does leave your hair soft and smooth in the morning. I use this about three times a week for a fortnight just to give my hair a bit of life back, or the night before a big day. I  would recommend this if you’ve got Rapunzel hair because it works a treat on dry damaged ends.


LIZ EARLE Rose and Lavender Hot Cloth Cleanser

I’ve written about Liz Earle’s Hot Cloth Cleanser before but I tried this Rose and Lavender version and it’s fabulous. Just as good as the original only it smell’s different, obvs.


CHANEL Rouge Coco Stylo

It’s Chanel. You don’t need to know much more that that. Love.


BODY BLENDZ Mandarin Mist Body Scrub

I’ve had my eye on the Body Blendz range for a while, but when my favourite E! WAG, Nicole Williams collaborated with them recently, I had to place an order…(woman crush). Well, I wasn’t disappointed. In fact I’ve already placed a second order because it is literally the best body scrub i’ve ever used. My skin feels SO much better from using it. The blend is formulated with nutrient rich components containing antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-ageing benefits, with arabica coffee beans, sugar and extra-virgin, cold pressed oils that work together to actively cleanse, heal, and hydrate. Buy it. Now.


L’OCCITAN Dry Skin Hand Cream

If like me, you have hands as dry as the Sahara Desert, you need this!!!! I’ve tried every hand cream under the sun and nothing has satisfied me more than this one. My fiancé bought this home for me one day and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s not greasy or sticky like most that i’ve sampled and the fragrance isn’t overpowering. It comes in a ‘handy’ hand bag size and leaves my skin soft and nourished.


FLOREAN FORTESCUE Butterbeer Ice Cream

I had to give this a mention because it’s my absolute favourite thing i’ve tried this summer. I’ve eaten an awful lot of ice cream and i’ve got to say, Butterbeer Ice Cream is dreamy! We recently visited Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour and to my absolute joy, I found out they started selling this. Even if you’re not a massive fan of the films, go visit just for the Butterbeer and ice cream!!

Met Gala 2016 Dreams and Nightmares

met-gala-2016-tag-page-banner-newOver the last few days everyone all over social media have been raving about one thing. I love Fashion and the biggest fashion event of the year is the Met Gala, held in New York City at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This annual fundraising gala is the place for the rich and famous to really have fun with the theme of the night chosen by Anna Wintour and play around with fashion design. If I ever EVER got the chance to go (in reality, never going to happen), I’d really embrace the opportunity and go for it.

Anna Winter wearing Chanel with her daughter Bee Shaffer, wearing Alexander McQueen.

Some of the gowns worn this year really slayed the Manus x machina: fashion in an age of technology theme, some not so much. Here are my favourite dreamy bunch from the evening and a few nightmares…


Claire Danes totally stole the night for me. Zac Posen was so on point with the theme and she looked incredible. Who wouldn’t want a glowing dress, I mean, Cinderella hasn’t got anything on this. Maybe Cinders should have called Zac instead of the Fairy Godmother


Kate Bosworth wearing Dolce and Gabbana, the perfect event to dress like a total goddess. Not so much tech, but who doesn’t love a crown, absolutely stunning.
Kate Hudson wearing Atelier Versace, the woman can do no wrong, I mean look at her. Enough said.


Nichole Kidman wearing Alexander McQueen. She’s done enough red carpets in her time to know what looks good and she looks amazing in this couture masterpiece. Total boob envy too!



Jourdan Dunn wearing Balmain. Ok, so Olivier does a lot of these super embellished gowns, we’ve seen a ton from the Kardashians, but Jourdan looks like a glam robot in this with co-ordinating hair.


Nina Dobrev wearing Marchesa. OK, more whimsical than tech themed but so pretty.


Florence Welch wearing Gucci. Admittedly, I’m not a personal fan of Florence and her music but this is a shout out to Gucci for this exquisite work of art! Check out  Gucci’s Instagram page for the Bear motif on the back, lush.


Poppy Delevingne wearing Marchesa. Marchesa killing it on the red carpet. She looks super hot, nothing else to add.


And when you think it’s going well, you get the sore thumbs who rock up…


Beyonce wearing Givenchy. No. No no no. If life give you lemons Bey, don’t turn up to the Met Gala wearing an embroidered Condom love. Some people I’ve heard are referring to this as ‘Becky’s skin’. If ‘Becky’ has good hair, you should have worn that instead…


Solange  Knowles wearing David LaPort. When your sister gets given lemons, just stay at home Solange. Seriously, I don’t have enough words to describe the mess we have here. Her yellow Rachel Roy gown in 2012 was far better…


Margot Robbie wearing Calvin Klein. This woman is stunning but the dress is so boring. There’s just nothing about it really, so disappointing. I’m going to presume she got the memo late…



Ciara wearing H&M. Sack the stylist. Here you have the prime example of an incredibly beautiful woman who has been betrayed by her trusted stylist. The hair looks like she forgot to take out the kirby pins before she left the house. Just no. Good side-boob though…


Katy Perry wearing Prada. Edward Scissor Hands wants his bride back. What the hell is this. She’s may have Orlando Bloom on her arm but does it mean she has to let everything else go AWOL. I hate this look. Prada, sort yourself out, this is not good enough.


Selena Gomez wearing Louis Vuitton. Someone needed to tell Selena that this was not the Kids Teen Choice Awards. People might say it’s edgy, but sod edgy, this is garbage. I’m all up for comfy shoes but really? At least Alicia Vikander wore her boots with a dress that at least tried to fit the costume brief. Yawn.


Nicki Minaj wearing Moschino. Well, she was never going to turn up in anything classy, so lets leave it at that…


Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Monse. That being, a monsetrosity..

And I’ve saved the absolute best of the worst till last…


Madonna wearing Givenchy Couture. For some reason madonna felt the need to show everyone her boobs and ass at the Met Gala. This wouldn’t have been half as bad if she left out the tacky gimmick. I mean, leave it out Madonna, I get you’re like 25737 years old and work out but seriously, you don’t have to do this. This would’t have even looked good on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Ive purposely left out the Kardashians because theres nothing new with that lot. Praise to Kendal for ditching Balmain this year and opting for Versace, but really, nothing new there. Check out Vogue’s latest on the rest of the designs.

Spring Favourites

8689_Little-red-roses-beautiful-spring-perfumeOver the last couple of months i’ve discovered some real Spring treats that will probably have permanent residency in my makeup bag and shower stand. Here are a few of my favourites…


stylo-eyeshadow-fresh-effect-eyeshadow-157-beige-dore-14g.3145891861570CHANEL Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect- Beige 

It’s not very often I buy a product and instantly think ‘I can’t live without this’. That happened when I first used the Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow. It’s creamy texture glides over the eyelid without you even having to blend.  A single coat provides a translucent sheer effect which I love because I don’t wear heavy eye makeup (I’m more of a statement lip person). It’s special formula gives you a cooling sensation when applied and feels really refreshing. It’s also suitable for contact lens wearers…good to know!


LANCÔME Juicy Shaker

I recently went to the Glamour Beauty Festival in London and that’s where I picked up this fruity little treat! I’m a mad fanatic when it comes to lipsticks and glosses so anything new is a must. A novel sponge applicator makes it really easy to apply but what I really love is the smell and sweetness to the taste, which reminds me of those first lip glosses you get as a kid. It comes in lots of vibrant colours, I went for Cherry Symphony which is the red, but I’d love a coral or pink for summer.


LIZ EARLE Hot Cloth Cleanser 

I already have my favourite cleansers and skin care routine but when I received this in the Glamour Beauty Festival goodie bag, of cause I was going to give it a whirl. A friend that I used to work with raved about Liz Earle but I never purchased anything so this was a treat to try. It’s texture is really silky and feels almost like a moisturiser when you apply to the face. It comes with two muslin cloths which is handy when you put one in the wash. This multi award-winning hot cloth cleanser claims to quickly removes daily grime and make up to leave skin clean, soft and radiant, and it really does. I’m surprised how much I’ve used this and I will probably buy a new pump when I’ve run out because it’s dreamy!


SALLY HANSEN Vitamine E Nail and Cuticle Oil

I have the worst hands. They function, but they are fugly! You may have heard the ‘specialists’ say, “no matter how much botox and surgery you have, your hands will always give away your age’. Well, my hands don’t give away my age, they add on 20 years! I suffer from terrible dry skin on my hands and that includes my cuticles too. I picked up this Sally Hansen oil recently and it’s worked a treat. I apply it morning and evening after my showers and I’ve seen a big improvement. I just need to find myself the perfect hand lotion now…


OGX Weightless Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve walked passed this a few times in the shops and because i’m so dedicated to my Aussie combo, I haven’t given in, until now. After one wash I really felt a difference, a good difference. My worries with shampoos and conditioners are that they will create a total static mess, thats why I always stick to the same, but this one didn’t. I absolutely love the smell, coconut is my all time favourite. My hair felt soft and light weight after I blow dried and obviously it smelt lush. I might even give the others a try now it’s passed the ‘static/flyaway’ test…


REDKEN Fashion Work 12 Hairspray

Lets face it, when it comes to hair, there is nothing worse that getting your hair perfected and covering it in a sticky mess that leaves a crusty, hard disaster! I have poker straight hair, as in, you don’t even need to get the GHD’s out, so when I curl my hair it takes a great force to keep them in, which can result in ‘Barbie’ hair that doesn’t have natural movement. It’s designed for colour treated hair which mine rarely is but what appealed to me was how it felt on my hair, which was light weight and not hard due to it’s medium control and fine mist.  It has a versatile formula for working, shaping and finishing styles flawlessly. It contains Vitamins C and E  to protect hair and help prevent color fade if needs be.


Temple Care Essentials

00001684-780x382You’ve heard the phrase “your body is a temple”?  Well, even temples need care just like any other building.

I’m an absolute beauty product junkie and nothing gets me more excited than buying new treats and trying them out. It’s not always successful because my ‘temple’ is really really sensitive, so I have a mountain of half empty bottles of potions and lotions all over the place because my skin has rejected its combinations of whatever. When it accepts a winner though, its a keeper.

Here are a few of my every day beauty essentials that work with my skin type, (that type being sensitive, dry and fussy…) and won’t break the bank.

Lets start with the head…


AUSSIE Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner

My hair is a nightmare, a true piece of work to manage. Its so fine and flyaway that almost all shampoos and conditioners I use leave my hair static and fuzzy. I have to wash it daily because once slept on, it looks flat with no volume.  Its really long because I hate going to the hair dresses (its my ‘dentist’ phobia) so that doesn’t help in the volume department as it weighs my hair down. This Aussie combo is really good because the length of my hair can result in really dry ends so it gives it that moisture boost and most importantly, it makes my hair feel light weight and not flyaway! It smells good too, obviously an important factor…



My best friend sent me a bottle of this one day and I’ve never stopped using it since. I use the lighter version of this oil oppose to its original because my hair is fine. When my hair is towel dried, I rub a small amount in the ends to moisture before I blow-dry. Twice a week I apply the oil to the whole length of my hair before bed, (almost like a hair mask or treatment) and when I wash it out the next day it leaves it feeling really soft and silky. Again, it smells lush…


LANCÔME Bi-Facil Makeup Remover

The higher priced end of makeup removers but it really is worth it. The last thing you want  to do is over-rub the eye area because it’s where the skin is at its thinest and with this solution you don’t have to. It’s a total dream when it comes to removing  mascara and eyeliner, it’s non oily and perfect for sensitive eyes. Give it a shake and apply to a large cotton wool pad. If the purse strings are tight, give Nivea Daily Essential Double Effect Makeup Remover a go, suitable for all skin types.  Once I’ve used this I swoosh over a Simple  Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes to get rid of any leftover foundation.


DR PIERRE RICAUD Derma Ecolia Clay Facial Exfoliant 

It was my mum who introduced me to Dr Pierre Ricaud skincare products, (or should i say, I helped myself to her face care when I was still living at home…). Its an online French company that I’ve been using for years and continuously order the same products simply because they are great! This clay facial scrub is the best I’ve tried. Enriched with clay and apricot pit powder, it deep cleans and revives the skin. It always makes my face feel really clean after I use it. Dermatologists and beauty experts wouldn’t approve of my daily use of this as the recommended usage for exfoliants is around twice a week but I don’t care, it does my skin a world of good!



Another one of Dr Pierre Ricaud‘s must haves is the new Micellar Water. This is the latest craze and I’ve only been using it for the last couple of months but I’m impressed with the results. I know its mainly a makeup remover with purifying qualities but I pretty much use this as my toner after I’ve cleansed and exfoliated. I break the beauty rules to suit me and it’s working. It’s great for sensitive skin and the fact it’s designed so you don’t rinse after applying pretty much means it has in fact replaced my toner.


ORIGINS Super Spot Remover

Exactly what it says on the bottle, this small but mighty bottle of magic really is super. A work colleague introduced me to this one rainy afternoon and I have been thankful to her ever since. I have literally tried everything through my teen years and nothing on this EARTH works as well as this. If you feel a spot on its way, use it immediately and it stops it from breaking out. If you’re too late and its erupted, don’t worry, this stuff clears pesky spots within days if not the very next! Buy it, like now.


E45 Cream

Honestly, this is all I moisturise my face with, morning and night. My face is so sensitive to creams and serums with all these perfumes and oils that the only thing that doesn’t make my face break out is E45 Cream. I have eczema around my brows unfortunately so it can get flakey and unsightly (plucking doesn’t help). E45 calms it and doesn’t irritate my face. Some of the creams I have tried in the past make me feel like my skin is burning. This is designed for problem skin so I personally think its a winner.


BOOTS Coconut Body Oil

As well as the eczema, all of my face can get really dry so I use this Boots Coconut Oil to moisturise. I mostly apply this at night, (sparingly as I don’t want to suffocate the skin) but this stuff is amazing to use all over the body and it’s super cheap! If used on the body I find it’s best to apply as soon as you’ve come out of the bath/shower and towel dried, when the skin is still damp. It’s a desert island must for sure!


JOHNSON’S BABY Naturals Intense Moisture Cream

Yes, this is my body moisturiser. I have not stopped using this since I started using it on my son over 10 years ago. As well as my face, my entire body is a total bugger when it comes to dryness and this sorts it right out. Ive tried moisturisers in the past and they’ve either not performed the way they claim to or they leave my skin feeling really sticky or tacky. This is a simple, cheap cream that smells really nice and doesn’t irritate my skin. If it’s good enough for babies, it’s good enough for me.

I could go on and on because there are so many great products out there but these are the few products I literally use every day and couldn’t be without.

Glamour Beauty Fest 2016

Saturday 12th March, today is about me. As a mum of two, these days are important. I love my kids, but I love my own time too and this event was the perfect way to spend the day.

The Glamour Beauty Festival (in association with Fiat) graced the halls of the Saatchi Gallery in London this weekend and it was fantastic! I had my own preconceived ideas of what to expect but it was so much better than I anticipated.

I was reluctant at first with the cost, (when you’ve got mouths to feed and school shoes to buy, you question everything you spend on yourself) but it was worth every penny, not only because it was a great event, but the majority of what was going on in there was free!   Your ticket included entrance to the festival, a Celebrity/Industry legend talk in the Glamour Theatre and a goodie bag to die for!


Glamour wall of inspirational quotes

Each section of the gallery had its own theme for hair, makeup, beauty, nails etc. In the Hair zone for instance, there were stands from GHD (Straight vs Curls salon), Redken (Backstage pop-up Done/Undone hair bar) and OXG (Braid bar), all giving complimentary hair dos. I opted for the GHD curls, (useful for the Glamour Cover photoshoot later in the day) but all the hair braiders on the OXG stand did a great job. You were literally spoilt for choice in there. If I had the time I probably would have queued for a braid, Kim Kardashian style.

Mary Greenwell and Fearn Cotton in the Glamour Theatre

The Glamour Theatre was a great touch to the day. I selected the Mary Greenwell talk with Fearne Cotton. I once had my makeup done by Mary in the Chanel Covent Garden pop-up Boutique. I felt privileged because she has worked with some of the most famous, beautiful faces all around the world.  I found it fascinating, hearing her tales that took her to the top and how she got to where she is now.

Glamour Wall of Fame

Other zones within the festival were the Makeup zone which included Laura Mercier and Illamasqua, the Skin Care zone 1 and 2 which had stands from Garnier, Liz Earle, Elizabeth Arden and Balance me, the Nail zone with OPI, Sally Hansen and Rimmel London, a Fragrance Lounge where I took a personality test to find my new summer fragrance (Jimmy Choo apparently) and my favourite zone, (just because thought it was a good bit of fun) was the Cover Shoot zone. You had the opportunity to get your face and hair ‘Cover shoot’ ready by the Lancóme pro makeup artists and pose for a photograph for your very own cover. I’ve been buying Glamour Magazine from day one so this was a brilliant idea for readers like myself.

Glamour Beauty Festival Goodie Bag

It was such a fun day out with so much to see and do. I hope it returns next year because i’ll be first in line for a ticket. The fun didn’t stop there either. When I got home I had the pleasure of going through my goodie bag and trying out all the treats I picked up over the day. It was packed full of so many products that my arm actually ached from the weight! My 8 year old daughter also enjoyed looking through it, especially for the lip glosses.

Thank you Glamour, hopefully see you next year…






Red Carpet Ruffles and Sparkle

1086_022415_1952I was ten years old, sat at the dining room table, my Crayola pencils spread out  whilst I designed dresses for the movie stars to wear to the Oscars. Barbie helped me out, allowing me to draw around her body for a template and we would sit and discus what we thought would be fabulous. I vaguely remember, but i’m pretty sure they were mostly pink and poofy. Inspired by the creations I saw in fashion books, it was my dream to watch nominees walk down the red carpet wearing something I had created. I wanted to be the Marchesa, the Elie Saab, the Chanel.


It didn’t go to plan exactly, but I still love to watch the red carpet and check out what they are wearing, secretly thinking to myself, ‘I could have done that better’…

Here are a few of my favourite gowns from this year’s Oscars. My opinion on what should be worn, is something from a fairy tale. I don’t think there is any other event (apart from your wedding) that you can truly dress up like this. Us mere mortals don’t have access to Haute Couture creations and I think actresses should take full advantage of that. In my eyes, Cate Blanchett nailed it this year…

oscars-2016      Cate Blanchett – Armani Privé 

This is exactly what an Oscar dress should be in my eyes. The definition of ‘Fairy tale’, there’s nothing ordinary about it. Hours and hours of work have gone into this by highly skilled craftsmen to create a work of art. Hundreds of Swarovski crystals strategically placed, the detail is incredible. I think she looks absolutely stunning in this gown. The colour compliments her skin tone beautifully and the shape is so flattering. What better place to wear something so intricate, something that stands out. Armani have done a fabulous job with this and it is by far my favourite dress of the night. I don’t know why they don’t have a ‘Best Dressed‘ award, because Cate would have my vote. Well executed Armani, bravo.


Daisy Ridley – Chanel Haute Couture

There’s no denying the fact that this dress is exquisite. Ive seen how Chanel create these intricate embellishments and it takes time, lots of it too. I loved this dress when i watched the  Chanel Haute Couture show and it looks just as beautiful worn on Daisy at the Oscars. Chanel is the a true example of Luxury and what better ceremony to show off this type of craftsmanship. My daughter was lucky enough to get a Lesage workshop place at the Chanel exhibition in London last year and had a little go herself at the embroidery skills. The work that goes into a Chanel Haute Couture is second to none.


Jennifer Garner – Custom Atelier Versace 

My friends opinion of this dress is that it’s ‘safe’ and ‘boring’ but I couldn’t disagree more. This Versace gown oozes glamour. It’s sophisticated shape and style reminds me of old Hollywood. It’s extremely flattering for her body shape and you just can’t go wrong with the colour Black. The minute New Years Day hits, everyone turns into spring/summer mode when really, we’ve got winter for at least another three months so why not go for black? I think this is the best she’s ever looked and if I was Ben Affleck, well, i’d be feeling pretty dumb looking at what I screwed up.


Kate Bosworth – Ralph & Russo 

I had to add this dress to my favourites of the night, despite it being an ‘after party’ gown. Kate looks stunning in this Lilac couture dress with beautiful floral ruffles. The colour is fabulous because you don’t see this much on the red carpet. Mila Kunis wore a lavender Elie Saab Couture gown at the 83rd Academy Awards and she  looked really feminine. I think the colour (in the right tone) suits both Blonde and Brunette.  Its really complimentary against her skin tone and the shape is so flattering. Ralph and Russo create really romantic gowns and this one really stands out for me.

Makeup Bag Magic

red-lipsticksWhen I was around 3 years old, apparently I coloured in my mums hand crocheted white cotton bed sheets with her makeup and nail polish. I’d like to see that as a creative streak or a sign for a future love of cosmetics.

I did a stint at Benefit Cosmetics but i’d never claim to be a makeup artist. I love makeup, but I didn’t love other peoples faces. Too close for comfort for me, i’ll stick to my own.

I’ve been using makeup since I was around 14, hiding it in my school bag away from my mum. If she caught it on my face before I left for school she would sit me in the bathroom and wash it off. So when I got to school I’d run to the nearest wash room and cake it on. I didn’t have a lot of my own so I stole hers…

Below are a few of my essential key items I would highly recommend. I’ve tried a lot of products but these, I always go back for.


CHANEL Vitalumiere Aqua 

This is my most loved makeup essential. For someone who wasn’t blessed with flawless skin, it’s just perfect and glides onto my face. Ultra-light fluid foundation, it’s not heavy like most. I can’t stand foundation that actually looks like you’re wearing it. Lasts from the moment you apply, through to evening without feeling like you have to touch up. It literally stays at home all day in my makeup bag. I really do believe you can’t go wrong with a Chanel Foundation. Worth every penny and a small amount goes a long way.



                  Max-Factor-CC-Colour-Corrector-Sticks (1)

 MAX FACTOR Colour Correct Sticks 

If like me, you suffer from the odd pesky blemish or thread vein, then this is by far the best set of colour correctors. I’ve tried lots of concealers and corrector sticks but this one is the winner for me. It’s the perfect texture that blends well over stubborn patches. As for the Under Eye Circle Corrector, I never apply my foundation before I’ve applied this first. Both products do exactly what they say on the package and I would highly recommend trying.


YSL Touche Éclat 

There is no surprise (i’m sure) that this is one of my must-haves. It’s not the world best selling illuminator for nothing. It totally brightens up tired faces and adds ‘radiance’ just like it claims. You really do see a difference once applied. It’s available in a variety of shades but the original is where it’s at. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.





BOBBIE BROWN Shimmer Brick- Beige  

Since I started using this years ago, I haven’t even entertained the idea of any other highlighter. Not only is this the perfect subtle powder to swoosh over your cheek bones, it also double ups as a great natural eye pallet. I always use the white on my brow bone to highlight and the pale pink or lighter of the browns for my eyelids.


 NO7  Eyebrow Pencil  

This is the one. I mean, I’ve got the worst type of eyebrows in my opinion. They are jet black and over plucked (basically far from fashionable) so most brow products just don’t work. They are always too light against my natural brow so when I found this gem it was a good day! No fiddly little applicators or brushes, you just draw along your natural brow, fill in any little gaps and over plucked spaces, then brush over to neaten up.



BENEFIT Fake Up Concealer  

I’ve tried tons of concealers and i’ve never purchased the same one twice (or even finished one), until I started working for Benefit and discovered this.  It’s hydrating with a moisture balm (packed with Vitamin E) around the outside which is great for dry skin. I love that if you don’t want a full-face of makeup (like at the beach for example), it covers enough for a dewy healthy glow on it’s own. It isn’t greasy like you might imagine and so handy to keep in your handbag for little touch-ups through the day.



Unknown ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Mascara 

My eyelashes are my favourite part of my everything. I’m happy with what I’ve been given in that department, but I literally can’t leave the house without mascara because I feel like a panda without a patch. This has been a favourite of mine for years. I remember getting a mini one out of a magazine once and that was it. There’s no funny business with the brush, it’s simple and works well. It doesn’t flake through the day, it’s easy to remove and no clumps!




CHANEL Le Blush Créme

I’ve tried powdered blushers hundreds of times but nothing lasts the day quite like a cream blush. I love this little compact and it’s available in some seriously juicy colours. It has a really high pigment content, you only need to use a tiny bit so it lasts for ages. Luscious rosy cheeks all day.



Bad Dreams Bad Vibes

Today didn’t start well. I’d manage to set myself up for a bad morning while I was asleep.

As I opened my eyes, I turned round and there he was. My fiancé, the man I loved, had been unfaithful to me.

That of cause is not true. As he lay there fast asleep in his own la la land, mouth wide open in a deep slumber, he’s totally oblivious to the scowl i’m throwing at him. Completely innocent in the real world, he doesn’t realise i’m totally hating on him right now as I just woke up from a dream we’ve probably all had… The ‘my partner cheated on me’ nightmare!

His funny little face opposite mine, I wanted to punch it. Mad spouts of rage and emotion that runs through you for about 5 seconds before you realise you’ve woken up and it was all a bad dream…

Phew. For him, because my fist was ready…

Its amazing what goes on in our heads while we sleep, totally out of control of your own thoughts. Its also amazing how it can make you feel towards people too. I once dreamt a friend of mine ruined my silk dress. The next time I saw her, that dream entered my head and for a split second I hated her, until I remembered I dreamt the whole thing up and that I don’t actually have a silk Marchesa gown to ruin.


Dreams mainly occur in the rapid-eye movement (REM) stage of sleep, when brain activity is high and resembles that of being awake. So lets face it, no wonder we wake up in a state that suggests (while your eyes have been doing the Charleston all night) it’s real!

Everyone I’m sure (at some point) has had this type of dream and it does effect your mood even though it’s untrue. I mean, you could not wash the frown away from my face this morning in the shower and the clients I dealt with over the phone had a less motivated me. I was sending out bad vibes like they were going out of fashion. I found myself stuffing my face with Cadburys chocolate before 9am, (actually thats pretty normal) and I was less than impressed with everyone I crossed paths with, all because of a dream and I just couldn’t snap out of it. It’s a shame that when you dream you’ve won the Lottery, you don’t jump out of bed like Tigger and have a smile on your face all day… Funny that.

Even in the 21st century, scientists still don’t truly know why we dream, despite some thinking they do have a purpose. For as long as history can take you back, people have theorised about the function and meaning of dreams but you can’t really be sure. Just because I had a dream that my fiancé cheated, doesn’t mean he will. I had a dream once that my teeth fell out, but i still have all of my teeth. Some might see it as a sign that I’m ‘worried’ about something or a sign of my own low self-esteem. Everyone has their own ideas but I personally don’t think thats strictly true. I just think our brains take parts of every day life, whether your own or someone else’s, real or from the movies, scrunch it all up and create this mad world of mush in your sleep.

I’ve finally forgiven my love for the crime he never committed and he might even be in with a chance of a leg rub later to make up for those evil little glares he received over breakfast… “I’m tired” translates to “how could you do that to me you scum bag”…Bless him.

And tonight I’d like to have a more relaxing dream that involves eating candy floss in a bath tub full of pink bubbles…

Brain, take note.